Finally, a global community of helpers.

Conceived, built and test-run in 2017 in the creeks of Nigeria’s security-challenged  Niger  Delta, TheRanger app  is  built around a community of helpers who watch out for each other in Cities across the world ensuring safer neighborhoods.

A  free app, TheRanger enables users  get help from locals, family and friends and security/emergency services with the press of a button.

In danger? Press the emergency button. This sets off the alarm notifying family, friends and all Rangers in your city showing your exact location to aid search and rescue.

The emergency button is programmed to send an emergency SMS to three pre – registered numbers and email addresses with details of your exact location.

Witness an emergency situation?

Upload pictures or videos to enable law enforcement agencies and first responders locate the scene and render assistance swiftly to ensure safer neighborhoods

Security Agent or First Responder?

Download TheRanger app to boost effective policing and swift rescue operations.


Be a Ranger, not a Stranger.

Download The Ranger to connect with locals and get answers to your pressing questions wherever, whenever, whatever, real-time

Founded by Linda Somiari Stewart with financial assistance and encouragement from  His Excellency, Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State, Nigeria under his Assistance to Entrepreneurs Program.

Caleb Wakama, a financial expert, is mentor and benefactor of The Ranger app project.

 The Ranger… never walk alone, ask locals, get help.

To enjoy The Ranger, invite family and friends to download and register so you watch each other’s back.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Every Ranger is a hero
Rangers save lives
Rangers provide answers to questions
Rangers help strangers
Be a Ranger to ensure safe neighborhoods
Connect with locals wherever, whenever, whatever

The Ranger
… Never work alone.